In 2011, The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida was asked to convene a group to learn more about our LGBT neighbors and colleagues, the challenges they face and the ways in which philanthropy might make a difference. The Foundation, with generous funding from the Jeff Chartrand Advised Fund, convened an Exploration Committee which spent nine months learning about the local LGBT community and the laws, policies and practices that affect it. The Exploration Committee brought together two dozen individuals from within and outside the LGBT Community, representing diverse fields, ethnicities and experiences, including a pastor, a law professor, a university administrator, public school administrator, several nonprofit leaders, representatives of business and public utilities, and long-time community advocates.The committee recommended that The Community Foundation support efforts to identify and cultivate donors with the potential to support an LGBT fund, and assemble a steering committee to articulate the mission and focus of the fund. This recommendation is the genesis of the LGBT Community Fund.


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