About Us

Northeast Florida is a rich and varied community, home to people of many different faiths, national backgrounds, races, cultures and ethnicities. It’s also home to many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals who work in our businesses, contribute to our civic enterprises and, like all of us, care for parents, children, friends and family. We are a group of donors in Northeast Florida working to build philanthropic resources that can help address some of the unique needs of our LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) friends and neighbors. To that end, we have established the LGBT Community Fund at The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida

Join Us!

The LGBT Community Fund is open to all supporters and welcomes donations of any size. If you’d like to become a member ($2,500 or above) and participate in the grantmaking process, click here.

The Purpose of the Fund

The LGBT Community Fund seeks to help existing community organizations and institutions better serve the community’s LGBT youth, families and elders. The goal is not to create a parallel infrastructure to serve the LGBT community. Rather, the goal is to build capacity, knowledge and understanding within the organizations serving LGBT youth, family and elders, so that they may respond capably and equally to the needs of all constituents, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

How the fund is structured

The LGBT Community Fund is a giving circle – a group of like-minded individuals who give collectively and, as a group, determine the focus of their philanthropy. While there is no minimum gift requirement, only those donors who make annual gifts of $2,500 per person, or $5,000 per couple, are eligible to participate in the grantmaking process. The LGBT Community Fund is a non-endowed fund — meaning all of its assets are available for grantmaking. The annual funding campaign will be held from January through April, with the results determining the available grant pool for the year. Grant awards will be announced in October.


Looking for more information? Download our brochure.