Michael and Glenn Miller

Our work with the LGBT fund, as it pertains to families, is very exciting. We look forward to the day that families like ours will have the same legal rights and opportunities as other traditional families in our community currently do.

Jeff Chartrand

For every $100 that goes from private philanthropic institutions to nonprofits, less than a penny goes to LGBT nonprofits in the Southeast. Establishing the LGBT Community Fund will immediately increase the scale and impact of LGBT philanthropy, while also raising awareness of the particular needs of the LGBT community.

Barbara Drake

I was overwhelmed with the depth of study, the quality of the research and the breadth of people who worked on this — the findings of the research really recognized the enormous need in the community. I had known about JASMYN and its work, but I had not realized the many issues around seniors. I thought, ‘I have to know more about these issues’ so I’m delighted to be involved in the effort.